Hello and welcome to Celluloid Scrutiny!

Hey there, and welcome to Celluloid Scrutiny!

We are a twice monthly podcast that aims to look at “classic” films with the eye of a modern viewer. Or, put another way, we’re going to watch whatever films we want to watch and then talk about them for your entertainment.

Celluloid Scrutiny is hosted by myself, and my long-suffering spousal unit, Sam.  We rely on the ever-wonderful Jay to help keep us on topic, for editing and transcripts.

Hello and welcome to Celluloid Scrutiny!

Who are Celluloid Scrutiny’s hosts?

Sam is a self-described film buff, which is mostly a nice way of saying “I own way more DVDs than any one person ever should”. It also means “I have too many opinions on The Godfather even though it is possibly the most boring film on the planet.”

(Yes we will be doing an episode on The Godfather. All three of them. Lucky me.)

It’s pretty much Sam’s goal in life to watch every film ever made, and he’s dragging me along for the ride. It’s my own fault for marrying him. Being the film nerd of the two of us, Sam will tend towards talking about the technical side of a film, as well as its place in Hollywood (or Bollywood) history.

Me? I’m a writer publishing under the name Rachel Tonks Hill. I am very much not a film buff (meaning my DVD collection is a lot more reasonable than Sam’s) but I like what I like.

Being a writer, my focus is heavily on character and story and films that prioritise technicality over these aspects are likely to get heavy criticism from me. I anticipate this being a major source of argument debate between the two of us and, hopefully, entertainment for you, the listener.

Editing duties fall to Jay, who is the mysterious presence in the corner of every episode. They say little, but that doesn’t mean their job is any less important.

Jay is a nerdy meat-popsicle who is likely to be responsible for most of the LGBTQ+ themed films we watch. They like role-playing games, crafting and cats.

Together we form Splendiferous Productions, a Nottingham based media production company focused on putting out amateur short films. Celluloid Scrutiny is our first foray into podcasts.

What is Celluloid Scrutiny about?

To be perfectly honest, this project is mostly a way for Sam to force me into watching all the movies I’ve refused to watch with him. But hey, if you guys can get some entertainment out of my agony then at least it’s good for something!

Our brief says classic movies, but the definition of “classic” is open to interpretation. Very open.

Some of the films we watch will be true classics, other cult classics. A lot will probably just be films we like and want to talk about. But no matter the quality of film, you can expect a lot of laughter and sarcasm from your hosts.

We’ll both be looking at the films through the lens of our respective interests and what’s important to us. Discussions are likely to veer wildly off topic on wild tangents and grand adventures until Jay tells us to get back to the movie.

When can I get my hands on the first episode?

The first episode is on Close Encounters of the Third Kind and is already recorded.

We expect to put it out before the end of January, so watch this space!

In the meantime, if you have any ideas, suggestions or a film you desperately want us to cover, feel free to leave a comment below. Or alternatively you can check out our contact or about pages for more ways to get in touch.

Keep it shiny!


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