Episode 1: Your Comments and Feedback

Thanks to everyone who’s listened to our first episode so far—and if you haven’t yet, what are you waiting for?—click here. A few people have been in touch with some feedback, which is great. Keep your comments coming!

Turn it up to 11, so i can hear it

One thing that a few of you have commented on is that the first episode seems a bit quiet. And actually, it’s kind of funny that you’ve mentioned that, because there’s a bit of a story there.

We’d come to the same conclusion during editing of episode one, which was why we bought a second mic prior to recording episode two. Which we forgot to make sure was turned on before recording the first time…


I’m told it’s a rite of passage to have to re-record because you forgot to turn some equipment on. And even if it isn’t we’re going to keep believing that because it make us feel better.

So, recording episode two, take two!

The second time was more successful—both microphones were definitely turned on!—but one of the tracks was still oddly quiet. We did a bit of messing around with the microphones and different computers and found out that one of our microphones just… doesn’t work.

Guess which one we used for recording episode one?


So yeah, it turns out that the illustrious inaugural episode of Celluloid Scrutiny wasn’t recorded on our shiny new condenser mic like we thought, but with the in-built microphone on editor Jay’s laptop. Which was on the floor about a metre away from where we were speaking…


It turns out that Jay’s laptop has a hecking good microphone. Still, I’m kind of impressed you can hear anything in episode one, and that’s all down to the editing wizardry done by Jay. Thank you Jay!

We apologise to everyone for the quietness of our first episode. Episode two should be much better since we know one of the microphones was recording at least. For episode three we’ll even work on getting the mic into the optimum position.

Three cheers for Jay’s laptop mic for making sure we actually had an episode one to post, and we promise things will only get better from here on out.

Next time on Celluloid Scrutiny

Tonks explains why she didn’t like cult British comedy classic Monty Python’s The Life of Brian while Sam valiantly attempts to defend her from hordes of middle-aged fans. Meanwhile, Jay does further battle with audio equipment and editing!

Keep it shiny!

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